dre-bla-2 €480.00

In esclusica a Rinascente Milano


Realizzata in lussuoso satin nero

Inserto in PVC trasparente

Fibbia a cuore in metallo silver

Laccetti in nappa silver

Laccetti in nappa silver

Tacco a stiletto 100 mm

Lavorazione in glitter con motivo a onda iconico su soletta di pulizia

Suola con stampa payoff: DON'T CALL ME DOLL

Made with black satin

PVC in the small triangle in front which twinkles to light up the toes

Double closure: through a heart-shaped buckle in silver metal, and through a laminated tassel leather strap tied around the ankle as an attractive feature

Glitter finishing on cleaning insole

4-inch Heels

Sole with payoff print: DON'T CALL ME DOLL